Celebrating International Credit Union Day at TopLine

Over 217 million people worldwide choose credit unions as their financial institutions. Our “people first” philosophy compels us to improve the lives of our members and our communities.

So what’s the difference between credit unions and other financial institutions? The main difference, credit unions exist to help people, not to make a profit. In 1935 TopLine was established as a member-owned financial services cooperative. That means that we are a banking institution that’s safe, local and, most importantly, owned and democratically controlled by you, our members-owners, with all deposits federally insured to at least $250,000.

Our profits are returned to you, which means TopLine can offer our members a safe place to save money and access affordable loans, fewer and lower fees, dedication to the highest levels of personalized service and complimentary financial education workshops. Your best interest is in our best interest.

All across the globe, credit unions and their members are celebrating! Come help us celebrate this philosophy with International Credit Union Day. Swing by any TopLine Federal Credit Union Location October 16th – 21st for treats and giveaways.

This year’s theme, Dreams Thrive Here,” celebrates how credit unions help people achieve their financial goals, like purchasing a home and funding an education.

At TopLine, we pride ourselves on assisting members on their entire financial journey, whether that includes opening their first checking and savings account, buying a new car, purchasing or remodeling a home, running a small business, investing for retirement, or providing expert advice and financial education workshops, and we’re always in search of new ways to better serve our members and local communities.


We look forward to celebrating with you, the credit union difference and the many benefits that our proud cooperative heritage brings.