Top Recreational Vehicle Destinations in Minnesota

‘Tis the season to buy yourself the gift you actually wanted: a recreational vehicle.

These “Big Toys” are the perfect way to ring in spring. Begin planning your fair-weather recreational vehicle getaway now. Whether you’re looking to hit the trails on an ATV or ride the waves on a new jet ski, here are some of the top Minnesota destinations to max out the fun with your new toy.

Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area in Gilbert

Shred your way through Superior National Forest’s tough terrain trails on your new four-wheeler. The Iron Range boasts some of the nation’s best routes and offers many trail options for the beginner and experienced rider.

Burntside Lake in Ely

7,314 acres of crystal blue waters await boaters in Burntside Lake. The nine-mile lake is a haven for a variety of wildlife, sporting a large population of trout and walleye and one of the largest populations of loons in the state. The waters are not all tame, though. The lake has no motor restrictions, making it a popular destination for boaters, water skiers, and various other boating activities.

Baker Park Reserve in Maple Plain

A great outdoor experience is only 30 minutes away from Minneapolis in Baker Park Reserve. Make it a comfortable weekend getaway at their convenient campsites. The park offers a range of exciting activities for any camper including hiking, golfing, horseback riding, mountain biking, paddling, and nearly any other activity you could imagine.

Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway

In the heart of the state lies this 54-mile scenic route that takes motorcyclists past unique historic sites, and natural landscapes. There are also several recreation opportunities along the route including biking, hiking, golf, and boating. There are also many amazing restaurants and tourism stops along the way. This drive is sure to be a great scenic drive for bikers.

Lake Minnetonka in Minnetrista

Thrill-seekers will surely find exciting aquatic adventures jet skiing on Lake Minnetonka. The lake spans 14,000 acres and has plentiful islands and bays to be discovered. It’s a popular spot in the summer, but the density of boats and jet skis makes plenty of large waves to ride


Upcoming Minnesota Recreational Vehicle Shows

Many central Minnesota recreational vehicle shows are coming up, making it the perfect time to buy your new vehicle. Take a look at the upcoming show lineup:

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Buying a Recreational Vehicle: What to Know Before You Buy

Although winter’s grip is holding tight, you may be considering a purchase you can enjoy once Spring finally arrives. Recreational vehicles—boats, campers, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, jet skis, and RV’s—help Minnesotans make up for the months of winter with fair-weather fun. But is your purchase a prudent one? Here are some things to consider before making the spring splurge.

  1.     Do Your Research

Before heading to a dealership or a sports show, do a little online research about the various types and price points of the item you want. There are several classes of RV’s, several types of ATV’s, and many variations on your classic jet-ski. Read reviews, research manufacturers, compare features and have some understanding of what you’re really hoping to get in your new purchase.

  1.     Ask Around

If you are looking to buy a new recreational vehicle, chances are you’ve used or have been a guest in someone else’s. (And we know that people love to talk about their vehicles.) So ask around, find out what people like or dislike about their campers, 4-wheelers, boats, or motorcycles, and get the real story from others. You just might get to enjoy a test run in your pursuit of forming your opinion.

  1.     Establish a Budget

Just like any large purchase, it is essential to have a predetermined budget. Consider payment options and talk with one of TopLine’s representatives to receive advice on a recreational vehicle loan. We will advise you through the loan process, and help you determine the right budget for you. Click here to get started, or call us at (763) 391-9494.

  1.     Don’t Rule Out Previously-Owned

All of these items can be purchased used—something to consider when thinking about price versus how often you will use it. When you look at used, ask the owner for service records and specific information on how it runs. Conduct a thorough check of the tires, frame, paint, rust levels, etc, just as you would when buying a used car. You may find used recreational vehicles that have only been used for few seasons, (and sparingly at that) so finding a gem that has very little wear is not impossible.

  1.     See and Compare in Person

To speak with experts, hop in the driver’s seat, and really compare different brands, sizes, and models, head to a local Sport’s Show. Be sure to set a budget before you go and remember that you are there for research, not to buy. (Not just yet, anyway!)

Minneapolis Boat Show: Jan. 19-22
St. Cloud Sportsman’s Show: Feb. 10-12
RV, Vacation & Camping Show: Feb. 9-11
Northwest Sports Show: March 23-26


Enjoy this exciting process of choosing your new boat or recreational vehicle, and contact TopLine with any questions on our loan options so you can get the toy you want!