Why You Should Use Your Credit Card When You’re on Vacation

Summer vacations may have you traveling a lot. Whether you are headed to your cabin or on a cross-country road trip, it is important to think about protecting yourself while spending on vacation. Here are the reasons using your credit card to make purchases when you are out of town is the best way to keep your money safe.

Credit Card Protection

The protection your credit card provides when spending away from home is unparalleled. While you might be inclined to reach for your trusty debit card, a credit card is the wiser choice. By law, your credit card must protect you from fraudulent charges, capping your liability at only $50. Your credit card might also offer purchase protection, extended warranties on purchases (up to two extra years), reimbursement for theft of your purchase, or purchase cost refunds if you cannot return products to the merchant. You would be amazed by all the things your credit card protects you from that you never knew about!

Theft and Fraudulent Charges

TopLine Platinum Credit Cards offer some of the best theft protection out there with Visa’s Zero Liability Program. Experiencing theft on your debit card can be a disastrous ordeal. The thief can wipe out your savings, leaving you with no money to pay bills until your dispute for the fraudulent charges clears and your bank gives you the money back. With a credit card, you are covered. There is no requirement for how quickly you dispute the fraudulent charge and there is no liability beyond $50. The microchip in our Platinum Credit Cards is the most secure way to pay. Each time your card is used to pay for something, the card chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be reused, allowing for better protection from fraud.


When traveling on summer vacation, it is always wise to use your credit card as it offers protection on your purchase and fraudulent charges. You never know when your card information might be stolen, so it is best to avoid using your debit card while out of town. Learn more about our TopLine credit cards here!